Bird Houses


Driftwood Bay Custom Birdhouses

Squirrel Proof Houses $58

breda-murphy-photography-2289forest house medimageimageimage

          img_0891     Forest Style Houses $68 regular size $70-98 large $120-140 two story

               Driftwood Bay houses are functional and can be opened at the back for cleaning.
Average house size:16″ tall / 6″ x 6″ box / 10″ wide base
All Driftwood Bay houses are unique and original.No two houses are exactly the same.
The knot hole openings and inside dimensions are ideal for many small bird Most of these homes
come with a variety of cedar and fir slab wood for the roofs and bases that have
excellent outdoor durability.

             The squirrel proof houses have a 1 1/4 inch ceramic front that keeps squirrels from
chewing the holes bigger.
It also prevents larger birds like starlings and sparrows from invading
the nests and is ideal for chickadees and other small song birds.

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